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1. Fitness car is still the leading product of family fitness equipment. In 1996, there was a situation of shortage of supply. Fitness cars are expected to be popular fitness equipment in the next few years. Folding gym bikes, which occupy less space, are more popular. A company has designed a two-person gym bike.

2. The treadmill is the simplest kind of home fitness equipment and the best choice for the family. There are signs that the treadmill will continue to grow in the next few years.

3. The ladder climber will soon enter the family after becoming an indispensable fitness equipment for the fitness club. The use of ladder climbers, like the use of fitness cars, is an easy aerobic exercise to learn and very suitable for the needs of the public, which makes some analysts believe that such equipment will have a greater potential for development in the future.

4, skiers will continue to supply for a period of time. In the United States, the ski sales reached US $350 million between 1992 and 1993. Since then, the boom period of skiers has ended. But some analysts say there are about eight million people involved in skiing, so the equipment will continue to be available for a while.

5. The "all-around fitness trainer" which integrates fitness car, ladder climber and skier may become a popular product in 5 years. This kind of trainer can adjust the leg movement when walking, running, climbing ladder and sliding. It has the characteristics of versatility. At present, its target market is mainly the gymnasium.

6, fitness equipment will be developed from the current heart rate monitor to the heart rate controller. At present, there have been fitness cars, treadmills, skis and ladders equipped with heart rate controllers on the market.

7. Formerly popular in the gym reclining type fixed fitness car, has developed a family-oriented market for low-priced models. It is more comfortable than the traditional vertical fitness car when exercising, and replaced by a chair seat, can make the exercise time longer, the exercise effect is more obvious.

8. The weightlifting machine has redesigned the type of exercisers that can accommodate smaller people. In order to attract women and the elderly to participate in exercise, some equipment manufacturers have developed a suitable model for the smaller, and the weight of this heavy model can be adjusted.

9. Some experts predict that in the next 3-5 years, ladder climbers, boat skiers and lower abdominal machine will have a downward trend.

10, a new type of lower abdomen machine which can support the legs and make the abdominal movement more effective has emerged. It is more comfortable and easier to operate than the traditional floor type.



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